Boston Brahmins: Class and Culture in Unitarian Universalism by Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

July 25, 2010

Unitarians were a key group in creating middle class culture in the United States. We will discuss this inheritance, the pitfalls this has created, and the spiritual values we have developed over the centuries to help balance out a culture that, at times, has not as been as welcoming to as it would like to be. What makes us a religion and how can we continue spiritual practices the create connected community and wholeness?


Encircling Love by Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

July 18, 2010

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities continue to struggle for liberation. An important part of this has been legal efforts for equality in marriage, housing, and employment. Liberation includes rights of freedom from suffering. From teen suicide to proper medical treatment to elder care, LGBTQ people struggle with the simple right to exist. This is where liberal religion can act as a salve to those who need support and care within our local communities. What sacred love is this?


Fiery Heretical Debates That Flame On Today by Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

July 11, 2010

In the early 300’s C.E., there began a great religious debate that would rival many of today’s greatest soap operas for the amount of drama, violence, and dialogue between the religious, political, and common people of the day. Come enjoy the exciting tale of the beginnings of the foundations for the Unitarian inheritance. Learn how this great debate carries on and influences Unitarian Universalists today and how it may influence the story you tell about our religion.

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It’s Now or Never by Worship Associate Kim Staunch

July 4, 2010

All we really have is the present moment and each other. This service will explore how being “in the moment” can influence our sense of self, our relationships and our view of the world.