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Ties That Bind <br />Ellen Carvill-Ziemer, Intern Minister and <br />and Kathy Strawser

Ties That Bind
Ellen Carvill-Ziemer, Intern Minister and
and Kathy Strawser

October 30, 2011

In the spirit of the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead, let us engage and reflect on the connections and memories that tie us to family and friends who have gone before us. What wisdom, courage and joy did they live that continues to visit and impact our lives today? How do we acknowledge their gifts? What gifts will we leave for the next generation?

Skepticism & Awe: The Spirtual Life of Albert Einstein<br />by Reverend Tim Temerson

Skepticism & Awe: The Spirtual Life of Albert Einstein
by Reverend Tim Temerson

October 23, 2011

Perhaps no person in history is more closely associated with science than Albert Einstein. Today we will explore Einstein's spiritual life and the close connection between science and his understanding of all things spiritual -- God, the underlying harmony of the universe, and what Einstein famously called "cosmic religious feeling."

Reverend Tim Temerson, Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron

Equipping the Called<br />by Ellen Carvill-Ziemer, Intern Minister

Equipping the Called
by Ellen Carvill-Ziemer, Intern Minister

October 16, 2011

One of the things that binds us together as an Association of congregations is our commitment to the work of ministry -- of tending lives and congregations, repairing the world, and seeking justice. This morning we will honor those ties and recommit ourselves to our place in this shared ministry to which we are all called. A special collection will be taken to support continuing education for all religious professionals including musicians, religious educators, and ministers.

The Eleventh Emotion<br />by Kathy Strawer<br />Director, Lifespan Faith Development

The Eleventh Emotion
by Kathy Strawer
Director, Lifespan Faith Development

October 9, 2011

Towards the end of his life, neuropsychologist Paul Pearsall devoted his studies to awe and dubbed it the "eleventh" emotion, one that follows the more easily defined and scientifically accepted ten emotions of love, fear, sadness, embarrassment, curiosity, pride, enjoyment, despair, guilt and anger. Experiencing this complicated emotion that offers the sublime requires us to engage in a certain amount of letting go -- of control, expectations and safeguards. How might we do that?

Days of Awe<br />by Intern Minister Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

Days of Awe
by Intern Minister Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

October 2, 2011

From the sound of the shofar calling us to wake up to the last prayers, the High Holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur hold special spiritual significance for Jews who enter into a time of setting their relationships right and seeking forgiveness for all they may have done wrong in the last year. This service will walk us through some of these rituals and ask the question "how can Unitarian Universalists learn from this source of our heritage?" Jewish members of our congregation will share their insight and wisdom. If you have a cell phone with texting capacity, please bring it.

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