West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
Compassion for Dummies<br />by WSUUC Youth Group

Compassion for Dummies
by WSUUC Youth Group

March 25, 2012

Compassion is important in life but sometimes empathy is left misunderstood. This is a guide to grasping the idea of caring and recognizing the love in the world. Join the youth in an exploration of different relationships and the types of compassion residing inside them.

With Maddi New, Brad Hudson, Shannon Armstrong, Kaleigh Macalla, Sam Reed, Kai Hannum, Maggie Olson, Ryan Rowe, Grace Minnes, Alex Sierputowski, Natalie Lawson, Sole Dimaccia and Jeremy Beech

Is Compassion Out of Fashion? <br />by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

Is Compassion Out of Fashion?
by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

March 18, 2012

In this highly charged political climate, it seems that no one is talking about compassion as a moral force that can shape both our personal lives and the larger culture. Is it because showing and practicing compassion is seen as a weakness? Being compassionate is one of the most difficult spiritual tasks we can take up; and one that is essential for the well-being of our common life on the planet. Suggestion for a book to read before the sermon: Twelve Steps for a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong.

With Worship Associate Katherine Campbell-Gaston

Our Common Addiction<br />by Reverend Wayne Arnason

Our Common Addiction
by Reverend Wayne Arnason

March 11, 2012

Wondering what this title refers to? Oil? Sweets? Love? All good answers, ones that expand our understanding of what "addiction" means, beyond alcohol or drugs. The answer Rev. Wayne wants to explore goes a little deeper into who we are as human beings, into the Buddhist teaching that we all have addictive patterns of relieving the suffering that is routine in our everyday lives. Those addictive patterns create more suffering in and of themselves. Compassion can be understood as a spiritual response to another's suffering that arises from recognizing it as our own. Anne Osborne, founder of our Addiction Ministry will join Wayne for this service.

With Anne Osborne, Worship Associate

A Well-Hidden Diversity <br />by Reverend Mark Belletini

A Well-Hidden Diversity
by Reverend Mark Belletini

March 4, 2012

On Commitment Sunday when we ask you to bring your pledge forms for 2012-13 into church and make them the offering for this Sunday, we look for a well-respected guest preacher to join the co-ministers in creating a service worth remembering. Rev. Belletini has grown the Columbus church into the state's largest UU congregation. His poetic preaching has been part of General Assemblies, European UU events, and district gatherings around the country. So this Sunday is not just about planning on next year's gift to the church. It's about giving yourself the gift of Mark's presence and teaching. The Free Spirit Band will offer Peter Mayer's Earth Town Square.

with Reverend Kathleen Rolenz, Worship Associate Tom Hughes and Reverend Wayne Arnason

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