For Our Children’s Children’s Children

September 29, 2013

by Intern Minister
Matthew McHale

Living in a world faced by climate change and ecological destruction, which is already threatening life as we know it, what kind of future are we leaving for our children? For our children's children's chldren? Our new Intern Minister, Matthew McHale, will share how his call to ministry  as been shaped by these realities, and how we can help make it right for future generations. 

With Worship Associate April Stoltz


The Art of Living

September 22, 2013

by Reverend Wayne Arnason

“Each of us is an artist whose task it is to shape life into some semblance of the pattern we dream about,” wrote Rev. Arthur Graham. Whether or not we think of ourselves as having artistic gifts, each of us hopes that one thing we can “make right” is the artistic creation that is our life. Inspired by the work of artists and craftspeople, Rev. Wayne will reflect how to make the art of living come out right.

With Worship Associate Dave Willet


Of Monsters and Men

September 15, 2013

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

No, it's not a sermon about the fabulous Icelandic rock band!! It's about the haunting comment made by Ariel Castro when he was sentenced for his horrific crimes of violence against women: "I'm not a monster. I'm just sick." Does our religion back him up? How does his suicide affect our views on this?

The choir returns for its new season! The Outreach Offering will be given to the organization "Because I Said I Would."

With Worship Associate Ed D'amato


When You Can’t Make It Right

September 8, 2013

by Reverend Wayne Arnason

One of the most powerful truths about the season of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is that it provides for us a religious response when nothing can be done to make something "right." Featured in the service is a video kicking off West Shore's Story Year! The Free Spirit Band will play Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," and two other pieces. This service also includes a ceremony of dedication for this year's volunteer teachers as the church school year begins.

With Worship Associate Dave Clements


Let Justice Flow Down Like Waters

September 1, 2013

by  Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and
Reverend Wayne Arnason

Justice issues associated with water inspire the homilies at this annual multi-generational Water Ceremony service that begins the new church year. Bring a sample of water with you that represents some of the meaning you have found this summer.   

Our new intern, Matthew McHale, will join the co-ministers in worship for the first time.

With  Kathy Strawser, Director, Lifespan Faith Development

The opening musical piece is available for listening in it's entirety following the closing of the service.