When I Am Frightened

October 27, 2013

by  Matthew McHale, Intern Minister and
 Kathy Strawser, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

There once was a boy who hid under his bed whenever he was afraid. We all have different ways of responding to scary situations. Join us for a multi-generational service of story and song, where we explore the different ways we face our fears. This service also includes a child dedication ceremony; please see the announcement on the next page for more information.


Afraid of Faith

October 20, 2013

Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

Faith, according to the Apostle Paul, is” the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.” What exactly does that mean? We’ll explore one of the most troubling stories in the Hebrew Scriptures, the near - sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham because “God told him to.” Is that the kind of faith that makes sense to skepti- cal Unitarian Universalists? The answer will surprise you.


And If We Fail

October 13, 2013

Reverend Wayne Arnason

My early school experience included being afraid I might fail. Failing meant you would be held back a grade and be judged as “bad” or “not normal” by others. While our atti- tudes towards student “failure” have evolved since I was in school, the fear of failure is still a part of many of our lives. And if we do fail — in our careers, in our personal lives, in our roles as parents — what does really mean? What does failure look like to you? Is fear of failure a valuable con- struct in our minds and hearts, or a major barrier gate that stops us from living life to the fullest?


Afraid of Church

October 6, 2013

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

BRING A FRIEND SUNDAY This may seem like an odd title for a “bring-a-friend” Sunday, but Rev. Rolenz is betting on the fact that many of you may have friends or acquaintances who are interested in spiritual matters, but who are wary of the institutional “church.” What would it take for the institutional church to alleviate some of those fears? Does West Shore have what it takes? The Free Spirit Band will play this Sunday