What’s New

December 29, 2013

by Ministers
Kathleen Rolenz and Wayne Arnason

The co-ministers finish out the calendar year of worship services with a New Year’s liturgy and reflection on how we know what’s new in our lives. How do we know when we are in the middle of a momentous change of life? Sometimes a “New Year” really begins for us in the fall or in the spring! Sometimes it begins when important relationships that have shaped our lives are ending because of distance or death. If the rituals of this formal “new year” are feeling hollow for you, maybe there is a different way to discern and celebrate what’s new in your life.


Hope In the Dark

December 22, 2013

by Reverend Wayne Arnason with
Kathy Strawser, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

As the days get shorter, and the nights longer and darker, join us for a multi-generation service that challenges us to question whether dark times are times without hope. We’ll hear a story about a father and daughter who go into the woods one winter night to see if they can find an owl! We’ll sing about the gentle comfort and strength that can be found in dark nights. We’ll hear reflections and stories about where hope in the darkness can be found.


I Saw the Light

December 8, 2013

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

“I Saw the light…” can refer to a conversion, a moment of enlightenment or the hopeful waiting for daybreak. Regardless of the experience, “seeing the light” whether an intellectual truth, an emotional breakthrough or a spiritual change of heart is something that happens to human beings all the time. In honor of Buddha’s enlightenment (Bodhi Day) and in recognition of the season of Advent, this service will explore when and how we “see the light.” This is New Member Sunday and the Free Spirit Band will be playing for this service.


When Our Lives Change

December 1, 2013


 The Spiritual Autobiography Class

Come hear the stories of changed lives from members of West Shore's Spiritual Autobiography class as they relate how fear, taking a risk, teachers, telling the truth and mountaintop moments have made them the people they are now and the people they are becoming.