How Do Unitarian Universalists Worship?

March 30, 2014

by Intern Minister
Matthew McHale

The words above our entrance say, “One Church, Many Paths.” While that may be true when it comes to beliefs, does that hold true when it comes to worship? For many of us, the way we worship feels familiar and comforting, to others it might feel constraining—often it is a little bit of both. This Sunday, you are invited to step outside of your comfort zone as we explore some of the myriad ways Unitarian Universalists can worship.


Putting It on the Line

March 23, 2014

by Intern Minister Matthew McHale with

Kathy Strawser, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

In honor of women’s history month, we will honor the lives of Unitarian Universalist women from the past to the pre-sent, who took a risk and dared to organize, march and speak out for justice and equality in face of strong opposi-tion. What can we learn from their stories, to give us inspi-ration and courage to overcome obstacles and work for justice? The Junior Choir will sing “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders


Lies About Allies

March 16, 2014

by The Ministry Team

On this weekend, we are hosting the national conference of the Allies for Racial Equity (ARE), a network of white allies accountable to people of color in the struggle against oppression and racism. It’s easy enough to call yourself a white ally. It’s a lot harder being one. This Sunday we’ll explore the lies about allies, and see whether in doing so, we can uncover a little truth as well.


Risking Success

March 9, 2014

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz with
Guest Minister
Tom Schade

Every gardener knows that planting seeds doesn't necessarily result in a fruitful harvest but if you never plant anything, you certainly won’t get anything in return! This Steward-ship Sunday will reflect on the theme of Planting the Seed, Harvest the Power, and of how the seeds we plant now for the future of this congregation will determine the harvest. Rev. Tom Schade, our Provocateur-in-Residence will return for a final service and tell us what he has seen during his time with us. The Free Spirit Band will join us for the song “Get Together” by the Youngbloods.


All In

March 2, 2014

by Reverend

Wayne Arnason

The title of this sermon is a poker term that means you are willing to bet all the money you have on the hand you have. It’s a risk that entrepreneurs take sometimes. It’s a risk many of us have taken in our marriage commitments. When it comes to money and love, we know what “all in” means. What about with your beliefs, your ideas, your meaning-making in the world? What does it mean to go “all in” spiritually?