Come Hell or High Water

August 31, 2014

by Reverends Kathleen Rolenz and
                    Wayne Arnason

At this service, you are invited to bring some water from your summer travels, either at home or afar to combine into a common bowl. We’ll welcome new Acting Director of Lifespan Faith Development Layne Richard-Hammock and recognize our two Commissioned Lay Leaders, Anne Osborne and Doris Matthey.


When the Shift Hits the Fan

August 24, 2014

by Worship Associate

April Stolz

How do regular people make change in this new world we are facing? What does this mean for you and UUism?


Beginning music played in it's entirety at end of recording

Making the Invisible Visible

August 17, 2014

by Reverend Abhi Janamanchi
Reverend Mark Belletini
Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

This service will be offered by members of the “Beyond the Call” program; a two year intensive training in preaching and worship. These three ministers will reflect on how rituals can help us engage with our past, present and future.


Growing Edges

August 10, 2014

by Intern Minister
Matthew McHale

This is Matthew’s last service as our Summer Minister. We'll look back at the ways that he and the congregation have grown, and what we have taught each other. And he'll offer some parting thoughts about his hopes for how the church might continue to grow.


I Never Planted a Sunflower

August 3, 2014

by Worship Associate

Jacquie Davis

On our life journey there are so many obstacles on our paths. The rewards are plentiful when we can find a way to clear our path and make room for commitment and love.