Children’s Lives Matter

January 25, 2015

by Reverend Wayne Arnason and

Layne Richard-Hammock

Director of Lifespan Faith Development

This month's "Church and Chapel" Sunday service for all ages will use the new format we're trying. Families are invited to come to the Sanctuary to begin the service together. Part way through, the K-6th grade children leave for a Children's Chapel service, led by Layne Richard-Hammock during the sermon segment of the sanctuary service. Youth from 7th -12th grades will join Rev. Rolenz for a program in Rooms 1-2. Childcare is available for infants to Pre-K. The sermon will be a reflection on importance of early childhood education to the formation of our lives, and introduce some of the questions being asked in an evaluation of our own religious education program regarding how we can better integrate bias-reduction and anti-racist learning techniques .


Black Lives Matter

January 18, 2015

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

This fall we watched a nation unravel under the on-going evidence of racism that permeates almost every aspect of our civic life. Protesters held up signs that said “Black Lives Matter,” to which some, replied “Yes, but all lives matter.” On this Sunday when we honor the legacy of Dr. King, we also have to look at the still unfinished work or undoing racism, with the hope that one day there will be no need for us to remind one another that “black lives matter.”


Women’s Lives Matter

January 11, 2015

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

Throughout history women have left their mark on culture and innovations, but for centuries they remained largely invisible. Women often still receive less pay for equal work. Women and girls are exploited for slave labor or sex traf-ficking. Despite many gains in women’s rights, there are times when I want to call up my government and say “act as if women’s lives matter!” How would our culture and coun-try be different if women’s lives mattered more to lawmak-ers and those in positions of power? The Outreach Offering will be received for The Renee Jones Empowerment Center for their programs to combat human trafficking. The Free Spirit Band will play I Hope originally recorded by the Dixie Chicks.


All Men Are Created Equal

January 4, 2015

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and

Reverend Reverend Wayne Arnason

Even though Thomas Jefferson wrote into the Declaration of Independence, the statement that "all men are created equal," he certainly would have hesitated about whether that meant that all lives mattered equally, under the laws of the new republic, or in the ways that different lives express themselves culturally. We will begin our month of exploring the dangerous belief that all men were created equal - what it used to mean and what it would mean if we really believed it.