How I Learned To Accept the Prejudices I Do Not Have

March 29, 2015

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by Reverend Patricia Sheldon

Ministry requires openness and reflection of the minister, lest we stop growing or become caught in our limitations. Unitarian Universalists, even ministers, wrestle with their own prejudices and tendency to judge. Rev. Patricia Sheldon shares the surprises she learned about herself while offering ministry in an Interfaith setting. You may just find yourself in some of these examples. Come, and open yourself to become the UU you think you are. In addition to her own Community Ministry, Rev. Sheldon is the Community Affiliated Minister with the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland in Shaker Hts.

Apologizes for the shortened recording.  Measures are being taken to repair the service ending.

Commit 2 Respond - Who Me?

March 22, 2015

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by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

This Sunday kicks off a joint effort between the UU Service Committee’s focus on water as a basic human right; and the UU group “Commit2Respond” month-long focus on taking action to arrest or reverse Climate Change. It is also the Sunday closest to the Spring Equinox—a time when our minds and hands begin to turn toward the earth. How we respond today to the challenges of climate change will af-fect us now and for generations to come. West Shore’s UU Service Committee representative, Bob Nemcek, will speak briefly on the work of the UUSC.


Transforming Public Education

March 15, 2015

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by Reverend Wayne Arnason with

Khalilah Worley,

  Great Cleveland Congregations Organizer

It was 175 years ago that Unitarians in New England were deeply involved in the beginnings of public education in the United States. The vision of publicly funded education was to give everyone a chance to live up to their full potential. Has that vision of the role of the public sector remained strong, or has public education become more like the social welfare system, the education of last resort? Khalilah Worley is a graduate of Cleveland Public Schools and has been deeply involved with GCC leaders, including many West Shore members, in their efforts to transform the Cleveland Public Schools. 


Choices, Children and Church

March 8, 2015

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by Layne Richard-Hammock

Director of Life span Faith Development

Parents and grandparents today face a bewildering array of choices regarding the children they care for and how to spend precious time resources. Church involvement is one of many decisions to be made. As we begin looking toward the future of religious learning and development for all ages at West Shore, which values will underlay the choices we make? What are the passions that will drive our picks and preferences? How shall we engage our resources and abun-dance to both grow and deepen what we have to serve the needs of families and attract a new generation of families to engagement with our church and with UUism?


Your Free Life

March 1, 2015

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by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and

Reverend Wayne Arnason

Can we be anything we want to be? We are blessed to live in a society where personal individual freedom is maximized and the message of unlimited potential for those who dream big and work hard is widespread. But how true is that message? Are we in fact limited only by our vision? What price are we willing to pay for a “free life?” The Free Spirit Band will be perform “Your Free Life” and “My Life,” as well as one Grammy-award winning song with new lyrics. This service will kick off this spring’s Stewardship Campaign and offer a vision for the year ahead.