July 29, 2018

by Warren Campbell-Gaston with

Martha Boesel

Worship Associates



How Can We Show Hospitality as UUs?

July 22, 2018

by Worship Associates

Maura Garin and Marty Blachy-Cross


Being hospitable as a congregation might take on different forms from the traditional view of what hospitality is. In today's world, what does hospitality look like: from our own congregation to how we relate to others in the global sense?


Meaning and Morality from an Agnostic Perspective

July 15, 2018

by Martha Boesel and Gerry Meader

Worship Associates

If life’s meaning isn’t dictated by God, then what is it? If our moral code isn’t carved in stone or engraved on our hearts by God, then where do we find it? Those questions are gently explored from an atheist/agnostic perspective.


Lessons From Different Homes

July 8, 2018

by Reverend Patricia Hart and

Marty Blachly-Cross

Worship Associate

Every one of us starts out in a particular home and family that teaches us what life is and how people behave; who is powerful, and who is not. When we move—because of school, work, necessity or opportunity—our lessons about life change, too. Rev. Tricia will reflect on what the churches and places she has served have taught her about being a Unitarian Universalist.


Secrets and Elephants

July 1, 2018

by Reverend Dave Clements and

Dana Morgan

Worship Associate

Secrets can be defined as those experiences, thoughts, sometimes feelings that we choose to keep from view or to talk about. There are some secrets that by their very nature contain information whose authorized disclosure could endanger lives or security. But then there are secrets that become “elephants in the room.” These can be questions, problems, solutions or issues that many people choose to ignore because to do otherwise could cause embarrassment, sadness or even trigger an argument. What happens when secrets become elephants in the room?