West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
When the Teacher Dies <br />by Rev. Wayne Arnason

When the Teacher Dies
by Rev. Wayne Arnason

April 24, 2011

In its simplest historical form, the Easter narrative is the story of the death of a spiritual teacher in Palestine over 2000 years ago and what happened among his community of followers after he died. Because authoritative spiritual teachers have died generation after generation throughout human history, we don't need to confine ourselves to the Christian doctrinal narrative to understand how a teacher's death can point to what a spiritual community needs to do to survive and be saved.

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Get Out of That Shell!<br />by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Get Out of That Shell!
by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

April 17, 2011

Spring is a time when everything is "breaking forth," from birds to butterflies. Transformation - the movement from one state to another - is a metaphor that holds true for the human spirit as well. This service will look at the journey of the monarch butterfly and what that might teach us about the interdependent web.

Intergenerational Service
With Kathy Strawser

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Saved By Our Children <br />by Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

Saved By Our Children
by Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

April 10, 2011

Practicing being the people we want to be can be hardest with those closest to us. As parents (as in other close relationships and caretaking roles) we're often far from our best selves, as our children are so, so good at poking all our buttons. Yet, in these same moments there are great possibilities for healing and actually becoming our best selves

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Which Soul to Save? <br />by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Which Soul to Save?
by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

April 3, 2011

Universalists have always professed the belief that the only way to save a soul was through the development of one's character, not by appeal to supernatural, capricious God. If that's the case, then is there any reason to explore what salvation might look like for 21st century Unitarian Universalists? I think there is enough evidence to suggest that salvation is a daily practice.

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