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Memory and Hope - A Service for Memorial Day<br />by Intern Minister Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

Memory and Hope - A Service for Memorial Day
by Intern Minister Ellen Carvill-Ziemer

May 29, 2011

Founded as a day of mourning and reconciliation so many years ago, Memorial Day still comes each year to remind us of those many promising lives we've lost to war. This year we will gather in memory, in honor and in hope of a changed future.

Youth Sunday Service

Youth Sunday Service

May 22, 2011

The tradition of the Youth Sunday Service is to give the ninth through twelfth grade youth of our church a broad canvas to present their ideas. This year is no exception as the youth put their talents, ideas and hearts into a presentation that explores the nature of UUism for youth. It is an opportunity to share some of what they explored this year in terms of their developing spirtuality. Most importantly, it is a great chance to see these youth in a fun, energetic and thought-provoking life. Please join us!


Spring Choral Concert

Spring Choral Concert

May 15, 2011

A Musical Celebration of Liberal Religion and Freedom of Thought with the West Shore choir, directed by David Blazer, and featuring the Dave Blazer Trio. The music is by Elizabeth Alexander and the words by Centuries of Strong-Minded People.

Narration: Jerry Jackson

SAVE-ing Space for Freedom <br /> by Rev. Wayne Arnason

SAVE-ing Space for Freedom
by Rev. Wayne Arnason

May 8, 2011

This Mother's Day will have a political theme. We'll look at the role that women are playing in revolutionary movements for freedom in the Middle East, North Africa and around the world. The work of SAVE, Sisters Against Violent Extremism, will be explored, along with the spiritual challenges that this work presents to women and men in developed countries who feel supportive of by isolated from these changes in our world. The service will include a Ceremony of Dedication for Children. The Social Action offering will be received for Habitat for Humanity.

Sermon text not yet available

David Blazer’s Organ Recital

David Blazer’s Organ Recital

May 1, 2011

David Blazer's organ recital concluding a seven year process of obtaining two Masters degrees from Cleveland State University. The program will be in two parts with the first part honoring the Baroque period and the second part a mix of more modern organ music.

Program notes will be posted soon.

The Devil Made Me Do It <br />by Rev. Tamara Lebak

The Devil Made Me Do It
by Rev. Tamara Lebak

May 1, 2011

If the truth that is most available to us is contextual, is our morality mostly circumstantial? How well do we really know ourselves and how confident can we be in predicting what we would do or not do in situations we have never before encountered? Join me as I explore the external forces that may in fact cause us to act out against the values we proclaim.

Reverend Tamara, our guest Minister, is an Associate Minister from All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sermon text unavailable

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