West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
PROUD OF OUR ENDURANCE <br />Worship Associate Tom Hughes

Worship Associate Tom Hughes

June 26, 2011

Although we like to think of our church as friendly and welcoming to all, there was a time when we weren't. You've come a long way, baby! Join Tom on Pride Sunday as we recall the struggle and the achievement of West Shore becoming a congregation that openly welcomes the full participation of our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members and friends. Be proud and celebrate that each of you has been a catalyst for change in the life of our congregation. Can we continue to strive for the achievement in what lies ahead? Perhaps? The quest for Marriage Equality?

Remember to wear all white or white and black, and join West Shore on the front lawn of the church (weather permitting) for a "wedding-reception" to celebrate the hope that one day all persons can be legally married. If you have a wedding dress or tuxedo and want to wear it--do so! The media has been invited to attend this event. It will be held immediately following this service (approximately 11:30) with cake and punch. See you there!

Ren Brumfield, Bill Hudson and David Prok, assisting

SPIRITUAL FATHERHOOD<br />by Dr. Anthony Wilgus

by Dr. Anthony Wilgus

June 19, 2011

We welcome Dr. Anthony Wilgus, a member of First Unitarian Church in Toledo and a Professor of Social Work at the University of Findlay. Tony is a friend of our ministers and when they read this sermon they knew they wanted to hear him offer it at West Shore. He writes: "This sermon travels the terrain of fatherhood, from biology to theology. I'll talk about my own guiding principles that have defined fatherhood for me."

This service will also feature our annual Bridging Ceremony, a recognition of graduating high school seniors from our youth group and from West Shore families.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Anthony Wilgus, Professor of Social Work at the University of Findlay

Mad About the Flowers <br />by Rev. Wayne Arnason

Mad About the Flowers
by Rev. Wayne Arnason

June 12, 2011

Our Annual Flower Service invites you to participate in a favorite ritual at West Shore. We invite you to bring a flower to church - purchased, from your home garden, or from the side of the road. As the service begins we will build community bouquets at the front of the church, and enjoy them during the service. At the end of the service, we'll all take someone else's flower home

The service will tell the story of a boy whose parents invited him to join them in creating their flower garden this year. We'll find out what he learned about himself, and about life, as a result.

An Intergenerational Service with Rev. Wayne Arnason and Kathy Strawser, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

Tough Choices<br />by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Tough Choices
by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

June 5, 2011

Have you or your partner experienced an unplanned pregnancy? Have you chosen not to have children? If so, would you be willing to share your story, either anonymously or as part of the service? Rev. Kathleen is looking for stories from members of the congregation who have had to make a tough choice around abortion, adoption, parenthood or childlessness. Contact her by phone, email or set up an appointment for a private conversation by May 20. 11:27 AM 11/28/2010

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