West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
Humans and Other Animals <br />by Sharon Hogan

Humans and Other Animals
by Sharon Hogan

July 31, 2011

This service will explore the meanings of our relationships with the other creatures with which we share the planet. What are some of our ethical and spiritual struggles to define ourselves in relationship with them? How do we define and understand who they are and how do they help us define and understand who we are?

Service offered by Sharon Hogan, Worship Associate

What Makes Us Family? <br />by Ren Brumfield, Worship Associate

What Makes Us Family?
by Ren Brumfield, Worship Associate

July 24, 2011

Some of the relationships we choose to have with groups and individuals who are not our biological kin can rival those we have with our families of origin. For many of us, the connections we have to these families of choice may even be the stronger of the two. What makes us family? More specifically, what is it about these voluntary relationships that fulfills that part of us that needs kinship and connectedness? Advice from the Buddha and other spiritual leaders, UU principles, and personal experience will provide a framework for trying to find an answer.

Keeping Faith with Life <br />by Reverend Mary Grigolia

Keeping Faith with Life
by Reverend Mary Grigolia

July 17, 2011

Rev. Mary Grigolia will explore the inner dimension of Unitarian Universalism and primary spiritual task, that unites us across theological divides, supports and challenges us in living intentionally together in religious community.

Mary serves as a consultant to congregations and committees, facilitating workshops, and retreats focusing on team building, goal setting, and change work, as well as programs specific to pastoral care, social justice, and adult spiritual development programs. She leads programs in spiritual development and is a singer-songwriter with eight songbooks and three recordings of original music.

What Am I Afraid of? <br />by Worship Associate Barbara Howell

What Am I Afraid of?
by Worship Associate Barbara Howell

July 10, 2011

For some, it may be snakes, heights or small spaces. For most all of us, fear confines us in our “safe” space instead of taking the risks to live fully. 1 John of the New Testament admonishes us that life comes down to two emotions: love and fear. That text also promises that “perfect love casteth out fear.” How can acting from love instead of fear improve the lives of not only ourselves and our “loved” ones but also our society and our world? What difference does it make about the perspective we choose? Barbara Howell and her daughter, former West Shore member Emily Betz Close provide words and music.

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Immanence <br />by Worship Associate Anne Obradovich

by Worship Associate Anne Obradovich

July 3, 2011

At West Shore, we often talk about a transcendent being—some higher power or spiritual being “out there” beyond us. But there is another way to look at this higher power or spiritual being. This way is called immanence or God in the world. Often thought of as pantheism, we will explore the different types of immanence, focusing on Daoism & the God of Spinoza.

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