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Remembering Service<br />by Reverend Katie Norris

Remembering Service
by Reverend Katie Norris

May 27, 2012

Each year our country pauses to remember those who have lost their lives in service. This Memorial Day we will pause to remember those lost and reflect on this service. The frame of our memory shapes the future of our own service.

Bridging Ceremony:

Bridging Ceremony:

May 20, 2012

Bridging Ceremony: "...and Service is its Law"

Service offered by the Advisors to our Youth Group and Junior Church If you aren't serving someone or something, are you breaking UU law? Our Jr. Church and Youth Group Advisors explore the idea of service with a focus on what we learn from serving the Youth of our church. The Advisors will also lead the annual Bridging Ceremony as we send off our graduating seniors into the larger world.

“The World Beloved” <br />Service offered by the West Shore Choir <br />David Blazer, Director

“The World Beloved”
Service offered by the West Shore Choir
David Blazer, Director

May 20, 2012

To bring the solemnity of the classical-based Mass together with the down-home sparkle of bluegrass – now there’s an assignment. Your assignment is to make sure you attend the annual Spring Choral Sunday. We return to ONE service only. The West Shore Choir will present The World Beloved – A Bluegrass Mass by Carol Barnett. Guest musicians will assemble to form a Bluegrass Band to accompany this work. Also, a Ceremony of Child Dedication will be celebrated on this Mother's Day. The Outreach Offering for this month will be given to the Joyful Noise Music School.

A Secret Service<br />By Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

A Secret Service
By Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

May 6, 2012

No, this sermon is not about certain government individuals inappropriate behavior in Cartagena! With our ability to post our every thought and deed for the world to see, why is it that the most important things that we do often go unnoticed? This sermon begins a month of reflection on the theme of service; why we do it, why we feel guilty when we don't, and how to live a life of service - all day, every day without burning out.

This is our Annual Flower Communion Sunday. Purchase or bring in a flower to share from a backyad garden. Extra flowers will be available for those who forget. Our children and youth will be with us at the beginning and end of the service, both to share in the Flower Communiom and to join us in thanking their volunteer Teachers in our Religious Education program, who are being recognized for their service during this past year.

With Worship Associate Anne Osborne

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