West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
It’s a Gay Life by<br />Members of the Queer & Allies Group

It’s a Gay Life by
Members of the Queer & Allies Group

June 30, 2013

Twenty years ago, West Shore voted to become a Welcoming Congregation, celebrating the lives of all people and creating a safe, spiritual home of understanding, acceptance, inclusion and equality especially for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Queer LGBTQ friends. What we discovered as we worked to become a Welcoming Congregation, was that congregations who do this work tend to be future oriented, have visibility and impact in their communities, look beyond themselves and exhibit greater health and creative vitality. That seems true for West Shore UU’s as well. This Sunday, through personal testimonies, music and readings, we will celebrate the past and find hope and purpose for the future “standing on the side of love.”

With Worship Associates Tom Hughes and Katherine Campbell-Gaston

Out of the Zone <br />by Barbara G. Howell and<br /> Emily Betz Close

Out of the Zone
by Barbara G. Howell and
Emily Betz Close

June 23, 2013

What would happen if we got out of our comfort zones? New people, places, beliefs, food, problems and opportunities come with psychological and cultural costs. This service offers some reasons to seek out, face and take those risks. often you will be rewarded. Sometimes you won't.

With Worship Associate Anne Obradovich

Leaving Home<br />by Reverend Wayne Arnason and <br />Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

Leaving Home
by Reverend Wayne Arnason and
Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

June 16, 2013

This past month, our ministers said goodbye to the home that Kathleen's parents built and where she lived her entire childhood and some young adulthood parts, too. All of our lives, we take our leave of places that have meaning for us. How we make meaning of these leave takings will be the focus of this sermon.

How Our Minds Have Changed<br />by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and <br />Reverend Wayne Arnason

How Our Minds Have Changed
by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and
Reverend Wayne Arnason

June 9, 2013

Service Auction attenders this year were astonished when church administrator Debbie Lydon ran up the bidding on this year's "your choice" sermon. It turns out that Debbie was the agent for an anonymous bidder who couldn't be present. The winning bidder for this year's Service Auction sermon has asked the co-ministers to take the first sermon they preached together at West Shore and use it as means to reflect on how we work together, how our minds have changed, and how we continue to feel called. The sermon we will draw on for this task was preached on October 1, 2000, and is titled "Our Common Call." The Free Spirit Band offers the music this week, featuring Neil Young's Change Your Mind.

With Worship Associate Anne Osborne

The Dangers of Heaven <br />by Reverend Wayne Arnason and<br />Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

The Dangers of Heaven
by Reverend Wayne Arnason and
Reverend Kathleen Rolenz

June 2, 2013

Songwriter David Byrne once wrote "heaven is a place where nothing ever happens." Sounds pretty boring, doesn't it? With 84% of the population believing in heaven as opposed to 42% believing in hell, heaven sounds like a place most people are just dying to get into! Our Universalist ancestors believed that both heaven and hell posed grave dangers for the immortal soul. Come find out why.

special musical guest artist Peter Mayer

with Worship Associate Dave Willett

(the opening piano music is played in it's entirety at the end of the recording)

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