West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
How to Raise a Dragaon

How to Raise a Dragaon

April 27, 2014

by Reverend Wayne Arnason with

Kathy Strawser, Director of

     Lifespan Faith Development

Join us for a Multigenerational Sunday with Reverend Wayne Arnason and Kathy Strawser all about the care and feeding of growing dragons! Parents, did you know that you might have a little dragon in your house? Children, maybe your brother or sister is a dragon! Singles, maybe you are already a dragon! Come find out what Chinese cultural beliefs about dragons can tell us about how humans grow, and why growing up to be a dragon might not be a bad idea.

I’ll Be Back

I’ll Be Back

April 20, 2014

by Reverend Kathleen Rolenz and
Reverend Wayne Arnason

Jesus keeps coming back—not just on Easter morning, but in new and sometimes provocative ways. The latest controversy about Jesus was that he was not a spiritual teacher but a religious and political zealot; and that he came back to Jerusalem during Holy Week to stage an insurrection. Rebel or Rabbi? Which version of Jesus do you think will appear at West Shore on Easter morning? The outreach offering for this Sunday will go towards Greater Cleveland Congregations, our partner organization for community organizing.

The Stories of Our Lives

The Stories of Our Lives

April 13, 2014

by  Youth Group &
   Junior Church  

This year's youth-led service will investigate the April theme of "Growth" from the perspective of people who are in the middle of experiencing the largest and most dynamic growth period of their lives. Join us as members of our Youth Group and Junior Church present their own unique take on West Shore's "Story Year." They will share the personal insights they've gained during this year's journey together, and the group epiphanies they've shared. Come, listen to their stories.

Sowing the Seeds of Justice & Growing Community

Sowing the Seeds of Justice & Growing Community

April 6, 2014

by  Intern Minister
  Matthew McHale  

At the beginning of spring, as signs of new life and new possibilities emerge all around us, we consider our relationship to one another and to the environment which sustains all life on this planet. Can planting a garden be radical act? How can the way we grow and eat food help create communities that align with our liberal religious values— promoting justice and honoring the interconnected web of existence?

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