West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

June 4, 2017

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by Reverend Tricia Hart and

Barbara Walker

Worship Associate

We sometimes talk about congregations as “family;” but actually a church is more like a neighborhood.  Various kinds of people show up at different times, and end up “living” next to one another.  Each has an impact, often in no one could predict.  Come join in as we spend time reflecting on how this church is the product of many people’s love and attention. 
The Junior Choir will sing and the Free Spirit



Of Acorns and Oak Trees

Of Acorns and Oak Trees

May 7, 2017

Of Acorns & Oak Trees

Rev. Patricia Hart, Worship Leader

Christine Salontay , Worship Associate

 Each of us is born into a particular family, community,
culture and time of history.  Each person is shaped by their context, as well as their biology. That’s when the story gets interesting. Life happens, and people change—sometimes a little, sometimes profoundly, and almost never without pain, and joy. Recognition of new West Shore UU Church members.  The Free Spirit Band will play. 


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