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Youth Sunday: Growth & Maturation

Youth Sunday: Growth & Maturation

April 18, 2021
by West Shore Youths

Our youth chose the theme “Growth & Maturity” as they reflect upon their time as young adults embarking on adulthood. Music, readings, opening words, and reflections will be focused on this theme, and the sermon will consist of the youth and the trusted adults from the West Shore community sharing stories on personal growth. A specific thank you to volunteers Jeff Martin, Michele Tarsitano, Angie Tarsitano, and Kelly Pinkas for their mentorship and guidance, as well as joining our youth for this service.



Youth Service: Growth in a Community

Youth Service: Growth in a Community

February 16, 2020

by West Shore Youth Group, Worship Leaders

Once every year our youth prepare and deliver a Sunday morning service for the congregation. The services provided by the youth are typically heartfelt, engaging, and inspiring. This year’s service is on the theme “Community.” The Youth will be sharing what it's like to grow up and GROW in a Community; whether that community is church, family or another type of community.


The Times They are 'a Changing by Bob Dylan Performed by The Byrds

Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan Performed by Abby Rosu & Seth Wanner

Changes by David Bowie



February 24, 2019

by West Shore UU Church Youth and

Jack Smith

Youth Ministry Coordinator

It takes a lot to build and gain trust, especially as teenagers grow and see their friends change, become more aware of the current social and economic climate, and enter the working world. Find out what trust means to the youth in the congregation as they navigate through schools, church, spiritual lives, social justice activities, and their community. Our youth will discuss who and what they trust and how it will help shape their future worldview.

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

March 12, 2017

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West Shore Junior Church, Worship Leaders If there is one thing that holds people back each day from achieving high levels of success, it is fear. When did you recently take a risk to overcome your fears and accomplish a goal? Join the Youth as they share their stories of overcoming fear. The Free Spirit Band will play; 6th Grade and older will attend the entire service.


The World the Adults Are Leaving Us

The World the Adults Are Leaving Us

February 28, 2016

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by Junior Church and Youth Group

Don't miss this event where the West Shore Junior Church and Youth Group present their annual service and share a glimpse of the world through their eyes.

Opening music is played in it's entirety after the service.


The Stories of Our Lives

The Stories of Our Lives

April 13, 2014

by  Youth Group &
   Junior Church  

This year's youth-led service will investigate the April theme of "Growth" from the perspective of people who are in the middle of experiencing the largest and most dynamic growth period of their lives. Join us as members of our Youth Group and Junior Church present their own unique take on West Shore's "Story Year." They will share the personal insights they've gained during this year's journey together, and the group epiphanies they've shared. Come, listen to their stories.

What if God Were One of Us ? <br />by The West Shore Youth Group

What if God Were One of Us ?
by The West Shore Youth Group

April 28, 2013

What's the youth perspective on what is most holy? Please join us to learn how our high school youth see the physical embodiment of the divine in their daily lives, personal theology, and in their hearts and imagination. Come to listen and engage with the music and readings that speak most to our youth about the divine.

Compassion for Dummies<br />by WSUUC Youth Group

Compassion for Dummies
by WSUUC Youth Group

March 25, 2012

Compassion is important in life but sometimes empathy is left misunderstood. This is a guide to grasping the idea of caring and recognizing the love in the world. Join the youth in an exploration of different relationships and the types of compassion residing inside them.

With Maddi New, Brad Hudson, Shannon Armstrong, Kaleigh Macalla, Sam Reed, Kai Hannum, Maggie Olson, Ryan Rowe, Grace Minnes, Alex Sierputowski, Natalie Lawson, Sole Dimaccia and Jeremy Beech

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