West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Drinking from the Deep Waters

February 9, 2014

by Reverend
Kathleen McTigue

Many of the most powerful movements for social justice have been those inspired and sustained by religious faith and practice. Many of us yearn to bring our own justice commitments into deeper conversation with our spiritual lives, to find that same inspiration and sustenance. How might we learn do this, individually and together, and what difference can it make? Rev. McTigue is the Director of the new UU College of Social Justice, a dynamic new collaboration of the UUA and UUSC. Prior to accepting this position in 2012, she served as a parish minister for 25 years, first in North Carolina and then New Haven, CT. The mission of the College of Social is to inspire and sustain faith-based justice work on issues of local, national and global importance. Our group from West Shore will be traveling to Haiti under the auspices of the College. The Outreach Offering will be received for The College of Social Justice; a brief service to Commission the team going to Haiti this month will also be included in this Sunday’s service.

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