West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

Embracing Change

June 22, 2014

by Reverend
Matthew McHale

Part Two of the Series: We often think of our daily lives as being fairly routine and unchanging, and take a certain com-fort in knowing what to expect from day to day. Yet our individual lives are filled with countless changes and transi-tions—births, deaths, jobs, health, graduations, relation-ships, moves—not to mention the global shifts currently underway. If “change alone is unchanging,” can we em-brace change and uncertainty for the possibilities they open up? Or, at least, learn to go with the flow? This Service will include our annual flower communion, so bring your fresh cut flowers. The youth will be in part of the service and will leave to participate in an RE program.

The More Things Change

June 15, 2014

by Reverend
Wayne Arnason

Service offered by Rev. This is the first of a Two-Part Sermon Series by Wayne and Matthew. Most of us would complete the title of this ser-mon with a familiar concluding phrase “the more they stay the same.” There is some truth to that proverb, but we have actually learned a lot about why and how changes happen in cultures and countries and political systems than we ever knew before. In the past decade, the media we use daily and our understanding of marriage have all changed dramatically in unpredicted ways. The more things change, the more we are amazed at how they can change. This service will include a “a Ceremony of Release” for Kathy Strawser, even though she continues working with us through June 30. At this service, we will also mark the con-clusion of Matthew McHale’s internship and the beginning of his time as our Summer Minister.

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