West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

When Head Meets Body
by Rev. Kathleen Rolenz &
Kathy Strawser, Dir. of Lifespan Faith Dev.

April 21, 2013

"Long ago, Head was all by himself. He had no legs, no arms, no body. He rolled everywhere. All he could eat were things on the ground that he could reach with his tongue," begins the story for this Sunday. Clearly, this head is in search of wholeness, a body! On Earth Day, we are mindful not only of our human connections, but also our responsibility to all that lives on our planet. Can recognizing and acting on our individual and collective gifts and talents in support of our interdependent web be both an act of survival and an act of faith development for all ages? In the spirit of keeping bodies moving, our Junior Choir will present "No Ordinary Song and Dance," replete with tap dancing!

With Worship Associate Ed D'Amato

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